Aadhaar Authentication Services

Government of India created a unique identity system in the country by introducing Aadhaar Card. A resident’s demographic as well as biometric (fingerprint and iris scan) data were captured and stored in UIDAI’s CIDR (Central Identity Depository Registry).

What we offer!

Atishay Limited acquired license for Aadhaar Authentication Agency as well as KYC Authentication Agency from UIDAI. We can authenticate a resident (whether the provided details are correct or not) or give the residents’ details to you as saved in Aadhaar Database. This eliminates physical KYC document management and is legally acceptable as per IT Act 2000. We offer customized project specific solutions. For example, if you want to register a customer, then instead of registering the customer manually and getting his signature on his KYC Document, you can simply take his Aadhaar Number, submit OTP and all his details from Aadhaar database will be saved in your database.

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