About Us

Atishay in Brief

Atishay Limited is a leading Information Technology driven company. Our focus is on creating India's largest network of last-mile retail pint-of-sale. Our aim is to potentially enable Indian to Seamlessly benefit from Government programs and avail wider access to basic goods and services. It is a company recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of services and practitioner's approach in delivering innovation. Atishay delivers winning business outcomes through its profound industry experience. We are all about pushing the limits of current possibilities and also exploring completely new areas.

Atishay is emerging as a leading provider of business and knowledge process services. Atishay has evolved a unique framework for identifying a deploying IT applications, which can create a high socio-economic impact by enabling, better planning and management.

We believe our responsibilities also extend beyond the boundaries of business. For over three decades, we have been a company focused on bringing to life grate ideas and enterprise solutions that drive progress for our clients. We recognize the importance of nurturing relationship that reflect firm ethics and mutual respect.

Value Proposition

With over 16 years of IT expertise and profound understanding of Govt. organizations, Atishay deploys IT applications for the organizations that enable transparency, efficiency and over all well beading in it. Today, we have exceptional data involved in every aspects of our business and to be able to monitor, filter and analize this data, we need Database management and E governance. Atishay recognizes this business crisis and provides wide range of Database Management solutions and E-Governance services. It believes in delivering simplest and most effective business and technology solutions. This working principle enables Atishay excel in developing strategic long term business relationship. In today’s times of high client turnover, |Atishay takes pride in generating 80% revenues through repeated clients. With persistent progress, Atishay today finds its listing at BSE (SME) with the group of shareholders.

At A Glance

We are a technology-driven company, focusing on creating India's largest network of last-mile retail point-of-sale. Our aim is to potentially enable every Indian to seamlessly benefit from , Government programmes and a wider access to basic goods and services. We leverage our vast network of retail access points to deliver E-Governance Services (G2C), e Commerce Services (B2C) & to the unserved rural, semi-urban and urban markets. Our endeavour is to connect India's citizens with a modern ecosystem. Being the largest single system integrator for key government projects, we enable the Central and State Governments to administer and deliver E-Governance Services to each citizen-more affordably, reliably and efficiently than ever before. Atishay encapsulates the values, which are the guiding principles for our culture and behaviour in the Company. It binds us together and inspires us to achieve excellence in whatever we do. Our distinct Purpose is to provide innovative solutions, products and services of best quality that follow technology and become referred service provider to our clients and user stakeholders. We take pride in the success our work and thrive on having long-lasting &mutually beneficial business associations.