Project Information

  • Client          :  Election Commission of India, Maharashtra State
  • Category    :  Database Management, Printing
  • Location     :  Maharashtra

Project Description

Election Commission of India is responsible for conducting Elections in the country. Every 5 years, elections take place at National and State level. There are multiple political parties who compete for a chance to become ruling parties. The people execute their Right to Vote and decide the winning political party. Any individual who holds a valid Voter ID Card can vote.

Atishay’s Role!

As soon as a citizen turns 18 years old, they can apply for Voter ID Card by submitting the required documents at their nearest Election office (Block level office). Since this is a continuous process, the details of the citizens are updated periodically in the central database of the Election Commission of India.

The following works are executed by Atishay Limited:

  • 1.   Generation of Electoral Rolls

    Electoral Rolls are generated for each Polling Station. It contains the Citizen’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Photograph, Voter ID Number, Locality area map and Polling Station Name. It is generated every 6 months with the updated resident details. The name which appears on the latest published Electoral Roll are eligible to vote. It is generated in multiple languages namely Hindi, Marathi, English, Urdu and Kannada.

  • 2.  Generation and Printing of Elector Photo Identity Cards –

    The citizens are issued a Voter ID Card which is attested by the Electoral Officer. This is a recognized National Identity card.

  • 3.  Preparation of PDF CD’s of Electoral Rolls

    The Electoral rolls once generated are then submitted in PDF Format.

  • 4.  Preparation of BLO Register

    The BLO Register is a .....