Project Information

  • Client          :  Election Commission of India, Madhya Pradesh State
  • Category    :  Database Management Services, Software Development, Transliteration Services
  • Location     :  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Project Description

The Electoral Roll is published in multiple languages depending on the population of an Assembly Constituency. One of such languages is Urdu. In Madhya Pradesh, some Assembly Constituencies Electoral Roll is published in Urdu. Other languages in which Electoral Roll is published in the state is English and Hindi.

Atishay’s Role!

Atishay Limited have developed a transliteration software for converting English / Hindi to Urdu script. It was first developed during Jammu and Kashmir Elections in 1995-96. The software was widely appreciated and was accepted by the Election Commission of India. We convert the data to Urdu language, perform the processes involved for publishing Voter List and then submit it to the Election Commission in both physical and soft copies.